Asphalt 9 Legends: Tips and Tricks

Gameloft‘s online racing game, Asphalt 9 has been released worldwide. It features world-class tracks, number of gaming modes, events, career, multiplayer mode and more. Let’s look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you enjoy the game with its breathtaking graphics.

Asphalt 9 Legends Guide

– Cars

In Asphalt 9 Legends, the cars have been classified into five ranks, D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank, and S-rank. You get the D-rank cars at the beginning of the game. S-rank cars are the best cars in the game. You unlock the cars as you progress and it takes a lot of time to unlock the best cars in the game.

– Unlocking Cars

You will need a number of blueprints or cards to unlock the cars. For e.g., you will need 60 Lamborghini blueprints to unlock Lamborghini in the game. You can obtain the blueprints by playing the game in Career Mode, exchange them for coins in the exchange store, win matches in multiplayer mode, etc.

– Increase Car Rank

Increasing the car rank will cost you credit. First of all, go to the Car Menu, tap the Car that you want to upgrade, hit the ‘Upgrades’ button and confirm the upgrade.

– Reputation

You will earn the reputation points when you play the game. Your reputation points will gradually increase as you progress through the game and you unlock new features like multiplayer mode, trading, events, etc.

– Garage

You will earn the garage points when you upgrade the cars. Your garage level will increase as you progress.

Asphalt 9 Legends Mobile Game Tips

– TouchDrive

In this mode, your car takes turns automatically but you lose the full control over the car. For instance, it can be difficult for you to move the car from the left side to the right side if there is a ramp.

Disabling the ‘TouchDrive’ mode will give you complete control over the car but it can be quite inconvenient for drifting.

– Drift

It’s easier to drift the car in the ‘TouchDrive’ mode. You just need to tap the button at the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you try to drift in the manual mode, you will have to use the brake button and tap the screen left or right.

Asphalt 9 Legends Tips

– Perfect Nitro

Nitro makes your car extra fast for a certain period of time. To perform the perfect nitro, tap the nitro button and pay attention to the nitro-bar. A part of the bar will turn blue. Tap the nitro button again once it touches the pointer. It will activate the perfect nitro boost.

– Shockwave Nitro

To perform the shockwave nitro, double-tap the nitro button when the bar gets full.

– Charge The Nitro Bar

By performing the 360 stunts, the nitro bar will charge up quickly. Another simple way to charge the nitro bar is by performing the drifts.

– Pay Attention To Icons

Pay attention to the icons and grab the opportunities to jump or pass through ramps and grab nitro.

– Claim The Freebies

Don’t forget to claim the freebies. Complete daily missions, earn trophies in the multiplayer mode, complete achievements, etc.

– Knockdown The Rivals

You can knock down your rivals by using 360 or activating the nitro.

Final Thoughts

Asphalt 9 Legend is a highly addictive game with stunning graphics. The multiplayer mode will allow you to compete with other players online. The above guide will help you beat your rivals and enjoy the game.

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